Boston Consulting Group

Catskill Carriage provided the utmost professionalism and service throughout our entire experience. Our contact Gabe was very responsive, attentive, and kind. There was clear communication leading up to and during our trip. The bus itself was clean and safe for the riders. There was plenty of room and storage space for all our belongs. Overall, we had a great ride with Catskill Carriage and will definitely be using them in the future for more events!


"Traveling via bus tends to get a bad rap, but the Catskill Carriage is redefining the charter bus experience. I couldn’t have imagined a more professional and beyond pleasant way to hitch a ride to the Catskills. During your trip, you are provided with every amenity you could possibly need. Wifi, outlets, snacks, candy and homemade cookies? I almost didn’t want to leave the bus once it arrived at my destination. Speaking of which, the drop off service is so convenient. The carriage stops directly in front of popular Catskill destinations, making your journey all the more seamless and easy. I will be taking advantage of this reasonably-priced and outstanding service, and I’m so happy such a great travel option exists for city dwellers who want to escape the land of skyscrapers for a leafy, tree-covered paradise."
-Jennifer Picht | Things To Do Editor | Time Out Digital



"Catskill Carriage to the rescue! We recently partnered with Parachute Home to bring guests from NYC to Hunter for a weekend of cozy activities. Gabe and the Catskill Carriage team are incredibly thoughtful and very focused on guest and partner experience, from ideal pick-up locations to maintaining a comfortable and snack-filled ride upstate. I’d recommend their services to anyone!"
- Caroline Ehlers, Brand Marketing at Madewell


"We recently booked the Catskill Carriage to bring guests from NYC to Upstate NY for a dinner — since the event, we have been brainstorming ways to make another trip to Upstate NY using Catskill Carriage. The ride up was flawless and fun and the return trip was even better — the pie was a great touch. The attention to detail that went into this ride was certainly noticed and we can't wait for our next trip."
-Trelawny Davis, Brand Marketing Manager, Parachute

Outdoor Voices

 "We are so thankful we were able to connect with you! The whole Catskill Carriage team was 100% a huge part of the success of our event, and a real dream to work with. We loved every minute of our partnership!"
-Mallory Harrison, Field Marketing Manager, Aspen and Tucker Howe, Field Marketing Lead

And North

 "We couldn't have been happier with our experience with Catskill Carriage! From arranging pick up locations, to personalizing the ride and experience for our guests, to scouting out the route beforehand, we felt that every detail was thought of and considered. Thank you for making our event seamless and memorable!" 
- Emma Tuccillo, Creative Director of And North